Welcome to the SOLGM Legal Compliance Guidance website

The SOLGM legal compliance guidance assists local authorities in meeting their legal obligations across the range of local government activity. The guidance provides step-by-step procedures that, if followed, will ensure legal compliance.  The process guides are supplemented by good practice guides and links to further information. The content has been developed by utilising the knowledge base within the sector and is checked for legal accuracy by lawyers at Simpson Grierson.


This approach means that the costs of gathering and sharing good practice are shared amongst local authorities, providing value-for-money and cost-effective services. The modules are reviewed and updated when there are legislative changes.


This material is password protected and available only to staff of the councils that subscribe to this programme. To access the guidance, please go to the login page and enter your Council's password and username. If you do not know your Council's password contact us.

Please share this with colleagues in work areas relevant to the programme's modules.


Please note that the guidance modules are designed to assist local authority managers gain assurance that their processes comply with legal obligations. They are not a substitute for the seeking of professional legal advice and the exercise of sound judgement about when it is necessary to do so.